About Us

We believe every dog deserves a comfortable place to rest, this drove us to create the UK’s most supportive orthopaedic dog bed on the market.

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Our mission is to improve the life of the worlds most loved pet. K9 Comfort believe that the dog is at the centre of the family, as a result they deserve a five star life. We strive to produce products that challenge the status quo within the industry and greatly improve the lives of the worlds most loved animal.

The Ethos

K9 Comforts’ priority is to give value to the community it serves. Value is added in a number of ways such as; working with different dog rescues, giving advice and producing world class products. Our ethos is very important and guides all that we do! K9 Comfort is here to support the community and bring as much value as possible.

The Product

The K9 Comfort Dog bed quickly became famous as one of the best and most supportive orthopaedic dog beds available in the UK. After selling on Amazon for 2 years, the K9 Comfort Bed is now being used by thousands of dogs and has received hundreds of 5 star reviews as well as being one of the top ranked beds on Amazon. This website has been built to bring more value to customers and to ensure a fantastic customer experience EVERY TIME!

Thank you for all your support and welcome aboard.

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